Battery holder and adapter

Here you will find the most common battery holders and adapters for different models.

Use our battery holders to store or sort your various battery types, improve the order in your workshop.

  • as a wall holder
  • to attach to workbenches
  • Arrange the different battery types in your vehicle
  • to carry as spare battery holder for a quick change of battery
  • can be used in any position, the battery is fixed in the battery holder

With the help of a battery adapter you can create your own external power supply.

  • lightings
  • Mobile Schaltungen
  • Cache for small solar island solutions
  • Elecom mobility E-scooter
  • USB power supply or power bank
  • Conversion of devices to other battery manufacturers
  • Can be used as a charging cradle to recharge the battery
  • and much more ...

Our advice

Special dimensions or special designs are possible at any time.
No matter if you are looking for a color or a special design up to prototyping, please contact us.

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